Monday, December 10, 2007

Broken System

"The evil means men use in our day to push themselves
show clearly that the end is not worth much"
MONTAIGNE (1533-1592)

The end's justify the means....How often this statement is used to explain away mans evil. But how can we say our society is advanced and enlightened when we continue to justify barbaric acts of criminal nature?
The UCMJ (military justice) exists for justice to prevail, yet men have perverted it into whats deemed as a necessary evil. Just as the military corrections system exists for punishment and supposed rehabilitation.
Let me tell you all a great secret... The true philosophy of military corrections is to isolate, victimize, and make victims of the victimizer. While on the face society might applaud this, does this really benefit the victims or society? When did two wrongs make a right?
What about the criminal mentality it takes to turn a victimizer into a victim? When and where does this criminal cycle end? What about the victimizers family and friends who must be victims for this philosophy to work.? Do they deserve to be victims?
My heart goes out to the victims, but someone must step in and stop this perpetual cycle of violence. Do you know the only lessons I have learned in my wrongful incarceration is that power allows abuse, total and complete unconditional abuse. I live in a system with no checks and balances. No legitamate complaint system and a system that rewards truth with abusive retribution.
Did you really think "ABU Gharib" was an isolated incident done by some rogue elements of the military community? Please "ABU Gharib" happened because the military corrections system sanctions and rewards abusive behavior. Ever hear about the "stafford experiment"? NO...Google it and learn what a stark reality is when you have a correctionsd system without legitamate oversight.
You should see the propaganda sent to public officials when an inmate raises serious concerns with the system.The true fear society should have is that, with the current corrections mentality, inmates return to society bitter, angry, and with a Doctorate in the criminal mind. This is what an abusive system, neglected by society gains you.
So until we as a society learn to move past our own personal bias, crime and retuning criminal will increase until there is a massive failure, creating dire consequences.
Believe me...yes, no, in the end it doesn't matter. Because regardless I will live to fight the injustices of this system. And I believe it will benefit society as a whole. I've found that if you turn your back to something inherently evil than you are not only ignoring it, but your condoning it.
When something is broken it certainly wont fix itself. So how can we expect the system to fix itself when they can't even acknowlegde that there is a problem.. Now here is another shocking dose of reality for you.. Did you know, the most paroled individuals within the military system are also the very highest to re-offend....Sexual offenders (Rape and child molestors)? AMAZING
But hey...the system works right? Sure it does so don't worry who your neighbor is, because after all you've decided to turn your back on this absolutely brilliant system.
Live and learn, lets just hope you learn without having to experience any sorrow first hand. So stay tuned if you care about real life and our society, or tune out if your indifferent to evil..
God Bless


BratFace75 said...
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Nickname unavailable said...

I was at Ft Leavenworth with John. He helped to give me the strength I needed to continue my struggle. My case was "Set Aside" and I was put through another Military Courts Martial four years after my original conviction. As in John's case, there was absolutely no evidence to support the charges against me, however the second time around I allowed my attorney to convince me to take a deal that would allow me to get out of prison early. The most amusing part of that theatrical experience was how my attorney sat beside me and told me exactly what to say every time the judge asked me a question. I just repeated his words verbatim and they took three years off of my sentence. I have been out of prison for almost three years and I feel ashamed of myself for making that deal.

Psychologist said...

After reading the brilliant appeals brief filed on behalf of John, it is almost shocking that he was not granted a new trial. But, the military really hates to admit one of their legal club members errored. They stick together so that they can maintain their lofty positions, with justice be damned. If the same exact circumstances had occurred in a civilian case, John would have not been convicted, and he surely would have gotten a new trial. I hope his sister and others working with her never let those off the hook who have denied him a fair and just trial.

andy said...

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Jay said...

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queenie said...

I am an avid reader of true crime stories and for the first time in years reading the story of the murder of Marty I feel Michelle was instrumental in the injustice harbored towards John Diamond. I live in Canada and cannot assist in any way best of luck to John and his family

jacscorp226 said...

I feel Michelle single handedly framed John Diamond. She was very board in what she called "Looservill" She wanted drama in her life and got it. Too bad she dragged an inocent man down with her. I am sad to read he was given a life sentence. I believe John would be living a happy life without braking a single law had he never met her. I live in Rhode Island. I want to help.

jacscorp226 said...
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RAY said...

he should HANG!!! WITH HER the fool

J LaPlante said...
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Manny said...

I was with john in leavenworth. He must recall Mendoza for he and I spent many days, months, years in thr hole. Anyhow, I know that john had his moments. And although might not be dirrectly involved with the killing, he sure as shit had SOMETHING to do with it indirrectly. The hiding of the gun, the lying about someone breaking into his car, etc. He just needs to accept the fact that he got into a bad situation with that woman. His choice led to his current problems. Deal with it.

Unknown said...

With Theer, you both conspired to kill her husband. You & Theer are where you belong. Locked behind bars until the end of your days. Justice is served.

James Sizemore said...

well, if he did it or not, he's sexy as hell !!

Former Attractive Person said...

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Jumpmaster K said...

Hey, genius: The study to which you refer is the STANFORD EXPERIMENT (not "Stafford"). The prison to which you refer is ABU GHRAIB, not "Abu Gharib." At any rate: Sister - he's guilty!