Monday, December 10, 2007

Broken System

"The evil means men use in our day to push themselves
show clearly that the end is not worth much"
MONTAIGNE (1533-1592)

The end's justify the means....How often this statement is used to explain away mans evil. But how can we say our society is advanced and enlightened when we continue to justify barbaric acts of criminal nature?
The UCMJ (military justice) exists for justice to prevail, yet men have perverted it into whats deemed as a necessary evil. Just as the military corrections system exists for punishment and supposed rehabilitation.
Let me tell you all a great secret... The true philosophy of military corrections is to isolate, victimize, and make victims of the victimizer. While on the face society might applaud this, does this really benefit the victims or society? When did two wrongs make a right?
What about the criminal mentality it takes to turn a victimizer into a victim? When and where does this criminal cycle end? What about the victimizers family and friends who must be victims for this philosophy to work.? Do they deserve to be victims?
My heart goes out to the victims, but someone must step in and stop this perpetual cycle of violence. Do you know the only lessons I have learned in my wrongful incarceration is that power allows abuse, total and complete unconditional abuse. I live in a system with no checks and balances. No legitamate complaint system and a system that rewards truth with abusive retribution.
Did you really think "ABU Gharib" was an isolated incident done by some rogue elements of the military community? Please "ABU Gharib" happened because the military corrections system sanctions and rewards abusive behavior. Ever hear about the "stafford experiment"? NO...Google it and learn what a stark reality is when you have a correctionsd system without legitamate oversight.
You should see the propaganda sent to public officials when an inmate raises serious concerns with the system.The true fear society should have is that, with the current corrections mentality, inmates return to society bitter, angry, and with a Doctorate in the criminal mind. This is what an abusive system, neglected by society gains you.
So until we as a society learn to move past our own personal bias, crime and retuning criminal will increase until there is a massive failure, creating dire consequences.
Believe me...yes, no, in the end it doesn't matter. Because regardless I will live to fight the injustices of this system. And I believe it will benefit society as a whole. I've found that if you turn your back to something inherently evil than you are not only ignoring it, but your condoning it.
When something is broken it certainly wont fix itself. So how can we expect the system to fix itself when they can't even acknowlegde that there is a problem.. Now here is another shocking dose of reality for you.. Did you know, the most paroled individuals within the military system are also the very highest to re-offend....Sexual offenders (Rape and child molestors)? AMAZING
But hey...the system works right? Sure it does so don't worry who your neighbor is, because after all you've decided to turn your back on this absolutely brilliant system.
Live and learn, lets just hope you learn without having to experience any sorrow first hand. So stay tuned if you care about real life and our society, or tune out if your indifferent to evil..
God Bless

Saturday, December 8, 2007


"Written laws are like spider's webs, and would catch.....the weak and poor,
But easily be broken by the mighty and the rich."
ANACHARSIS (6th century B.C.)

....To understand pain, we must experience it, as with anything, it is a strong tenet of nature. But as a society we strive to protect the innocent from the perversities of the world. So what happens when the protectors are the perverse?
Then as a society we must prove wholeheartedly that no one is exempt from the rule of society. Justice is for everyone, rich and poor, our nation was predicated on equality and as such anyone who stains this institution is truly a threat to everything America stands for...
The military justice system once a pinnacle of justice, has now degenerated into a shadowy system of fear through righteously wrong criminalities. Don't Believe it....or perhaps your confused. Well Don't be, we are living in a society that allows a conviction system to exist that can send anyone to prison for life (without parole) with absolutely no evidence and then abdicate physical and mental abuse in an effort to extract a false confession.
And guess what? This all happened right here in the United States of America. How do I know...easy because its a story of my life. Now here is a direct quote from my legal proceedings. That how near over 6 years from my wrongful conviction and are still going on.

"In spite of numerous searches and seizures, coordinated among the fayetteville police dept. (fayetteville, NC/Ft.Bragg). The Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID), and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), NO direct evidence or witness were ever developed or located that would show SSG Diamond (me) had murdered and or conspired to murder Capt. Theer."

And any circumstantial evidence that the government developed was in direct opposition to not only military law but also the US Constitution. So how does a pinnacle of honor and justice allow this to happen?.... Because we as a society allowed the proverbial fox to guard the hen house.
Why should you care? Good question, because right how we as a nation are engaged in a war of terror, a war as you'd hae on D'day ours us. Theirs, yet the very things we strive to achieve are being undermined by the same people who offer open arms to the oppressed of the world.
Did you know had I been an officer or rich enough to afford good attorney's, the chances that I'd be prosectuted by the military would have been remote in the best of the way thats a direct quote from one of my former prosecutors.
Instead, I was a sacrificial lamb for the military to parade around in the nameof Justice and so an officer could gain a murder conviction for his career. Not for justice or society, but an officers career. And apparently LTC Bagwells career is booming. But what about evidence being withheld, or a victims family lied too, or the hoax of justice perpetrated on society?
What about the rule of law? Does it have no meaning? Since my wrong incarceration and conviction I can tell you my human, civil and constitutional rights have been both abused and denied. I have been roughed up, threatened, denied medical treatment and even kept naked on the floor of a concrete cell. All in an effort to "BREAK ME".
You ask what lengths the government will go to in order to deny the truth and protect itself, simple the answer is any lengths necessary to silence the truth. These past 6+ years as I have lived in the "Den of Thieves" I've come to sadly realize that there is more "honor" among thieves than those of our keepers.
I am an American citizen, born and bred, I come from a proud lineage of service members. I am a proud servicemember, but how can this evil exist? This injustice continue unchecked within our very borders and is perpetrated by my fellow American Servicemembers?
This saga shall continue so long as I draw a breath, so for those who fight injustice....stay strong and NEVER give up.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Welcome to this blog, I hope you find it interesting and informative, hopefully you will go away thinking....

I have just started but in the coming days hope to have links, and pictures so you can get to know by brother. It has been almost 7 years since john has been incarcerated wrongfully, and as his sister I am still fighting for his release. Until someone you know is wrongfully accused of a crime you may not even think about it. When you are going through it you realize how broken our Military Justice System really is.

So stay tuned, check back often, I will try to get this site going if only to help others going through the same situation.